Employees, your stakeholders or yourself could expose corporate data by failing to apply software security updates on some devices or for lack of policies knowledge. These known vulnerabilities can serve as a gateway to the company network.

We´re working together with Securia to help you identify security areas that are performing well or not. It is important to be realistic about your security risks so you can deal with them adequately.

First we should know the causes before implement any plan. Then we could think about an approach to protect your sensitive data, for example: updating employee training, establishing stricter company policies to prevent data exposure, or obtaining secure tools to store and track company data.

Vulnerability Assesment:
The purpose of a Vulnerability Assessment is to identify vulnerabilities in Web Applications, Servers, Databases, Storage Arrays, Mobile Devices and Networks, be they cabled or wireless).

Penetration Testing:
Upon completion of the Vulnerability Assessment, we´re able to attempt to exploit the identified vulnerabilities
upon the request of our customers.

End-user Education:
Any company, from small to large, is susceptible to being hacked and exploited. The weakest link in any Security System is the Human component – and cybercriminals understand that.

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